"We see ourselves as an extension of your Customer Care Department"

Legal Services

Legal services for Castleford are provided by Allsquare Legal Limited (Allsquare) solicitors. This includes dealing with property transfers and debts.

Allsquare provide the following services to the Qdime Group and other clients.

  • Property Transfers:  Collating and providing a pack of sales information from your property management company (also known as replies to leasehold property enquiries).
  • Debt:  Pursuing payment of outstanding service charge or ground rent.
  • Consent and Permission:  Obtaining the landowner’s agreement to changes you may wish to make.
  • Notice Due under your Deeds:  Administering any notices due to ensure you remain compliant with the requirements of your Lease.

You do not need to be a client of Castleford to use the services of Allsquare.

Allsquare’s website can be found HERE. They can be contacted on 01628 200 215, or at mail@allsquarelaw.com.

Allsquare are part of the Qdime Group and are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.