Castleford are experienced in managing new sites for developers. We understand the added complexities that new developments pose, such as staged handovers and the different priorities of various users of mixed use schemes.

We can prepare initial budgets from preliminary drawings and a review of the legal documents (such as the s.106 Agreement) and will update them as the scheme develops and working drawings are produced.

We need to be involved at the earliest possible stage in the development process, attending legal set-up meetings to advise on future management issues and ensuring that the legal documents comply with recent decisions of the First Tier Tribunal and are wide and flexible enough to ensure no problems with future management.

On large schemes, where some phases may be sold to another developer we can review all the legal documents to ensure they talk to each other. This will avoid problems in the future for your customers so protecting your reputation and brand.

We can work with developers to get Residential Management Companies (RMC’s) handed over to resident directors where there is a reluctance to volunteer.

Regardless of the size of the scheme, we are able to liaise with the developer and their advisers to structure a suitable management solution; to prepare initial budgets from drawings and provide associated apportionment options for consideration and eventual inclusion in the leases.