We hope you will enjoy our new Residents' Portal


Welcome to our new client portal, MY ACCOUNT, which gives you ’24/7′ access to real-time information, relating to both your personal account with us, and your development as a whole. To access MY ACCOUNT, you must first register.

To Register, you will need your reference number (Ref:), which you will find on your Application for Payment immediately below the “Date”, together with the email address we hold for you. The registration process will only proceed if the information you give here matches what we have on our system. When you register, you will be asked for a User Name, which you will need to use when you log in to the portal as a registered user.

Once you have completed the three fields in the Registration process, Reference/User Name/Your Email, and clicked ‘Register’, an email will be sent to you with a random password. You will need this to login first time, but can then change the password to something more memorable.

USER NAME: Please note that a User Name/Password combination is specific to an account, so if you have more than one account with us – you may pay service charges and ground rent, or you may own multiple properties – you will need a unique User Name/Password combination for each account.

If you have any problems using MY ACCOUNT, please phone the Accounts Team on 01202 757050 or email accounts@castlefordmanage.co.uk

          Key aspects of the MY ACCOUNT client portal:

  • The Notice Board is the first page you come to when you login to MY ACCOUNT. Important information that you need to see quickly, on current or ‘urgent’ situations, or general information that is always relevant, will be displayed here.
  • Balance Due: If you have amounts outstanding you can quickly check how much, and how that figure is made up.
  • History: The history button allows you to review your account, over a specified period.
  • Make a Payment: If you wish to pay by debit card, you can do so through MY ACCOUNT, at any time of day or night. And because the data is real-time, you will be able to see the payment in your History.
  • Maintenance Issues can now be reported via MY ACCOUNT, making it easy to report items that need attention, whenever you come across them.
  • Documents: You will be able to access important documents.
  • My Details: Here you can update your personal details, such as your address, email and contact phone numbers.